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Reviews for "Ragdoll Ninja"

is this just a clone of fruit ninja, but with added mechanics?

Its like Fruit slice but you only have one mode and when you hit a bomb its just GAME OVER and in FRuit slice you can hit a bomb 3 times and then GAME OVER

I admit that I was quite frustrated by this game. I still can't say I didn't enjoy it, because I truly did! It was amazing to see all these guys being sliced up. I'm glad the guys falling upward didn't count as a missed strike. It was great to see how much I could do with it. The worst parts were easily the purple bombs.

I thought the music was really sweet too. There's just a good sense of wanting to do better in this. The headshots are harder than you think. It was weird how the medals were arranged. I appreciated all of this.

It's like a mix of Toribash with the precise limb loss, Metal Gear Rising with the slicing and Fruit Ninja because it's pretty much the same thing but with ragdolls, which I find 10x more entertaining than slicing fruit.
Music is a bit cheesy and gets tiresome after a while, so, thank goodness you can turn it off.
The game also lacks in difficulty. It's WAY too easy.

Decent Fruit Ninja clone.

I've loved Fruit Ninja! :D And This Game's Belong To The Fruit Ninja's Family XD I Think This Game Is The Fruit Ninja's Son XD L0L But Fruit Ninja Is Little More Harder And This Is Easy! :D And I Kind Of Love Easy And Normal Games But hard I Only Medium But Not Little Like Them And For Me. . . This Is The Best Fruit Ninja Game Ever!!! :D