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Reviews for "Ragdoll Ninja"

You can't say it's inspired when it's just a copy. It's not a bad game, just unoriginal. Now you should try making an original game everyone will enjoy.

Okay, the game is really fun and entertaining, but:

- The cursor lags behind your mouse, which is extremely frustrating
- Combos are awarded at random
- Sometimes, the game decides you haven't actually sliced one of the ragdolls, because of reasons unknown to mankind
- There's no point in slicing the ragdolls more than one time, which means you'll end up hitting them instead of those still intact while gaining no points
- Bombs seem to have hitboxes bigger than their sprites

cutting the heads of stick figures is more satisfying then cutting fruits,also very addictive so good job sir.

THE MST ADDICTIVE GAME EVER! I love it! I aint stopping till I get all badges

I can't stop playing!

The first game that I acually like the music and don't annoy me.

5 stars for you, kind sir.