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Reviews for "Ragdoll Ninja"

Absolutely fun.

Good Game

The game's alright, and it has potential, but I have a few major problems. AutoAxpert had 2 of the same ones: the bombs hit boxes are bigger than the bombs and the sword doesn't always slice the rag dolls. In fact, I think out of the 5 tries I did, at least 10 rag dolls didn't cut. My other problems are that a lot of times, bombs will be completely covering a rag doll, and the game is not increasingly difficult (it's just completely random difficulty).

This game is stupidly addicting...


Now there were at least 2 things that I found annoying in this game:

First, I felt like the music was a bit annoying due to its repetitiveness.

Second, there was some mouse lag that made it frustrating to avoid the bombs (but I atriubute that to my crap for a laptop that I am using).

Other than that, what we have here is just an addicting as hell game that is a great time waster.

You can't say it's inspired when it's just a copy. It's not a bad game, just unoriginal. Now you should try making an original game everyone will enjoy.