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Reviews for "Ragdoll Ninja"

fun and interesting game

Fun game, though 'Skilled' medal is not working

Epic love the slicing lol :D

It's good. But i think it would be waaay more satisfying if instead of them just being connected by joints you actually slash them in the direction you were cutting. It's good though

I understand the statement for haters, but it isn't a wall to full proof your design -- It's a cheap gimmick to feel insecure about any critic opinion that has a disliking for a copying of a game.

The idea of Ragdoll slicing visa control of mouse is actually amazing of potential, it would be great to control a stick figure and use a mouse to slice up your enemies, possibly the moving of his arms -- a combination of Madness and this could be great -- but lose the falling ragdoll fruit ninja and replace this with stick figures attacking at you.

I think that would've been an incredible design ^ Stead, this is a very cheap copy version of a game -- lacks challenge however, very easy medal scoring and you get bored extremely quickly (Rather play fruit ninja.)

If you made this game in a means to make me want to play fruit ninja > 5 out of 5.
But, this has a lot of things lacking to make it even worthy of a time killer. Forgive any harsh critic but, I dislike copied versions of a really fun game, lacking so much in too it.