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Reviews for "Ragdoll Ninja"

Just a boring Fruit Ninja clone with bad mechanics, practically non-existent backgrounds, boring, lazy idea, boring music, shitty objective, and a terrible lack of any creativity with the idea.

This actually could've been a good game, or at the very least a decent game. But instead it was this boring Fruit Ninja clone with no upgrades, no sword changes and just a poor game altogether.

I came in thinking it was gonna be this really fun game where you could slice-up some ragdolls! But I was wrong, dead wrong.

Thanks for wasting my time, sir!

sorry for your hard work. but why would you make this game? put the effort in something else. it has already been done. many times. and fruit ninja made good money from it..

@Kvazymode: you are not only the one who can play the game.

just the room with no ragdoll...

Am I the one, who can't play this game?

Hey look! It's reskinned fruit ninja.