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Reviews for "Ragdoll Ninja"

Yo man don't let the comments get you down. This game is hella addicting and with the medals it's even better. Fruit ninja? So what? How many stick games are there that have copied other games...?

That aside, the game could use some improvement, like some more modes, can't think of any now, but I'm sure that there can be more to this.

Other thing is that there is no background. I don't find the default one bad, just that it could be nice to have something other than that. Add blades. Playing only for points or fun can become boring at some points so add bonus and unlockables to keep us playing.

Awesome game bro. I will expect better games from you in the future ;).

as i expected, just a fruit ninja copy, but still funny

Went into this game expecting something decent.

Very disappointed.

Nothing too interesting or dynamic about the game. Still a little fun and addicting thing, I enjoyed, thanks for the post.

Im sorry i say this buth i dont like you copied fruit ninja buth i give still 2 stars 1 star cause of badges and another one cause you did your best abouth this :)