Reviews for "Buy Wards You Feeders"

Nice animation. I know what you mean by the trinkets not lasting as long and you cant set down more then 1 at a time of those (until you buy the last upgreaded trinket at lv 18, but even then only 1 at a time per 120 second). I do notice those there are a few champions that might help with the ward issues people face here, like twisted fate's ulti and everyone's favorite furry boy scout teemo and his mushrooms, when those explode a huge area is reveled

RetroSleep responds:

I should have made the champions you mention the pictures that spin in the video.

Genius! Bouncing boobs and... more boobs!

RetroSleep responds:

Paladins can like this stuff? Well regardless thanks for the review lmao

I actually really like this! :D
Especially the breasts. >\\\<
But still in all likeness the animation is pretty god damn good.

Dalton :D

Catchy and pleasing to the eyes... So have to say it..(I can fap to this)

RetroSleep responds:

Just be sure to clean up for the next guy. Lol

Wow man your so talented!!!