Reviews for "Buy Wards You Feeders"

only 75 gold? see? that is why lol is a casual game, you can get that with lashitting 4 creeps, plus the game lets you buy items that passivelly increase your gold gain, plus you can have runes and masteries that increase your gold gain, and lets not forget that passively you already get gold apparently the default map is 19 gold per 10 seconds.

And yet people don't buy wards? when they are that cheap? even with all the helps in game? is everyone in that team a carry? do you have supports in that game?

Unbelievable, at least it has tits and girls doing cosplay.

RetroSleep responds:

I'll give you another talking point, in the new season they invented a item that generates wards for free for you to place, people still don't use them haha, well atleast it has tits and cosplay though.

I think I've become a fan!
Gotta love it!!!

RetroSleep responds:


Haha nicely done I shouldve seen this coming

RetroSleep responds:

It's okay I didn't know what this was gonna be until it was done. You're not alone.

So this is what Leage of Legends looks like! It doesn't seem like such a bad game after all, slick and higgly animation, cute and stylish, happy fast-paced musi, nice work!


RetroSleep responds:

Thanks Cyber! You always leave helpful reviews.

Just going to leave this here..