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Reviews for "Buy Wards You Feeders"

I couldnt have ever sat and drew every little frame of this, would have died.

Of death

Wow, I watch this every day and vote five on it every day. Maybe because it's so mesmerizing. Anyway, I've been playing league for a while now and really appreciate the art! All the kinds of wards were cool! My summoner name is Greenhx if you ever want to play c: work on the audio though, it sounded a bit weird.

RetroSleep responds:

Thanks my summoner name is Retrosleep, I might forget to add you so feel free to add me. Glad you like the work!

Nice video it kind of reminded me of ponponpon and their were some nice jiggle physics

RetroSleep responds:

Yeah I got that DoA Beach Vollyball going on.

Why do I keep rewatching this?!?!?

Oh yeah, boobs.

RetroSleep responds:

No! You're re-watching it for the wonderful morals and background art!

Ah, I get it. Free to play games are the worst, no?

RetroSleep responds:

I'd have to disagree and say Pay to Win games are the worse. Though their marketing strategy is similar to this :p