Reviews for "Buy Wards You Feeders"

this sucks

RetroSleep responds:

Yeah, keep sucking on my garbage, I know you want too.

I came here for the boobs I don't know what else to say about the video.. needs english subtitles too so I could understand the song it was a good video tho. 4.5

RetroSleep responds:

Thank you

allied: bush warded
master yi hits ghost
yi: GO GO GO!!!

master yi scored double kill !!!

adc gets all the gold on the lane
supports still buys wards :D

RetroSleep responds:

Thats right, ADC's got to buy those boyfriend swords.

The sound quality is a little bit low

RetroSleep responds:

Yeah, Thats the only thing I;m a little disappointed about.

That song is really catchy, ahh.cx

RetroSleep responds:

I still don't know what Po Pi Po actually means 0.0