Reviews for "Buy Wards You Feeders"

While I get the reference with the music, I still think a different song would've been better. (I hate Miku, she's my least fav of the Vocaloids) But the animation was good. And it completely portrayed what you wanted it to. I think. So, 3.5

The sound is terrible, I liked the tit bouncing because it reflects all the big-titted champs in league, but the music is just so fucking terrible and it is impossible to read the subtitles and watch the animation at the same time.

The animation was well done, even if kawaii is not my taste. Motion however was stiff, aside from the bouncing of the boobs (which wasn't actually realistic, but I doubt you were aiming for real-world physics).
The sound was absolutely atrocious.

Anyway, 3 stars because of the quality of what DID go into this, 2 penalty for the lack of content or any actual point other than kawaii chirping and tits to oogle.

RetroSleep responds:

This is a pretty fair review, and I agree with everything you said.

Wow man your so talented!!!

Love the vid, I like playing it when I play ARAM . Very boob. Much sexy. So true. Buy ward.