Reviews for "Buy Wards You Feeders"

should have named it caits boobs

RetroSleep responds:

Yeah just turn that into a pun like Caitlyns Boobie Traps and we got a whole new theme going on

A great example of how to exploit the twelve year olds on this website. Sound quality was horrible, and I don't even think that you made that song. I'm only giving you half a star for the half-assed animation. Surely you can do better than this.

RetroSleep responds:

I don't think I'm doing a good job exploiting the children, since it clearly didn't work on you.

The sound quality was the best thing i've ever heard in my life

Your take on the LoL characters is pretty cute. I don't like the song but that's just my own taste so I don't want to punish you for it.

Please don't zoom in on a drawing like that. It's very awkward and makes any animation mishaps stick out tenfold; which makes things like the sloppy leg frames hurt. Had you not expressly zoomed in on the legs most of the people here probably wouldn't have even noticed because her face and chest are more likely to draw the casual observer's eye (the head and facial features are great honestly).

Your models in general are good. My only other complaint is that the side characters pop in and out much too quickly to appreciate them. The first time Riven and Soraka popped up I literally only had time for my mind to register Riven since my eyes were on the screen's center and you popped an image in a corner for about a second and a half. If you're going to make cute visuals give people a chance to appreciate 'em. What a waste of perfectly good character models.

All that having been said, I think you did a decent job. And the more reinforcement there is to buy wards there is the better. You have some talent. Keep learning and continue to craft it.

The hell did I just watch?

P.S. I don't bother with wards. Nidalee and her traps are good enough for me.

RetroSleep responds:

You'll learn to fear the wild without those wards!