Reviews for "Buy Wards You Feeders"

What type of music is this called i know there a genre of it, ya know the hyper japanese music?

RetroSleep responds:

The lyrics are computer generated using sound banks in a program made by Yamaha called Vocaloid, Each Sound Bank has a "anime persona" this one was sung by Hatsune Miku. So search either of those two things to find more like it.

Aside from the fact that supports buy wards. The audio quality is terribad and was probably a bad rip from a low quality youtube video. With all the jiggling breasts and the suggestive gesturing with the wards in hand I have to wonder if you were possibly concerned we wouldn't notice that was what you were trying to do. This whole video seems like it's trying too hard to get a lot of attention without having enough work in the piece on the whole. You probably could have collab'd with a VA to have fittings lyrics sung instead of using the bad rip and have received more attention for it. All in all, 0/5.

do those breast ever stop moving!?

Yep...it's asia alright.

love this video .for one the boob physics are real good ,second the girls are beautifully drawed. i watch these video about a thousand times ,every time i am lonely .thanks man forever lonely night ,5 stars.