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Reviews for "Buy Wards You Feeders"

Aside from the fact that supports buy wards. The audio quality is terribad and was probably a bad rip from a low quality youtube video. With all the jiggling breasts and the suggestive gesturing with the wards in hand I have to wonder if you were possibly concerned we wouldn't notice that was what you were trying to do. This whole video seems like it's trying too hard to get a lot of attention without having enough work in the piece on the whole. You probably could have collab'd with a VA to have fittings lyrics sung instead of using the bad rip and have received more attention for it. All in all, 0/5.

do those breast ever stop moving!?

Yep...it's asia alright.

love this video .for one the boob physics are real good ,second the girls are beautifully drawed. i watch these video about a thousand times ,every time i am lonely .thanks man forever lonely night ,5 stars.

While I get the reference with the music, I still think a different song would've been better. (I hate Miku, she's my least fav of the Vocaloids) But the animation was good. And it completely portrayed what you wanted it to. I think. So, 3.5