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Reviews for "Buy Wards You Feeders"

hey your doing your own thing. most of the time it works out even better. just like SwHJoKeRz that person loves it. Your mixinng anime drawings with cartoon. well hell to be completely honest... it is working for you stick with it. I love it so that is akways to one to another. But you have fans that love your work as an artist. So please take that to concept

all good exept did you played league ? cose juke and gank is 2 different things , and am pretty sure you mean ganks

RetroSleep responds:

I'm Gold V and yes I ment juke.

I actually really like this! :D
Especially the breasts. >\\\<
But still in all likeness the animation is pretty god damn good.

Dalton :D

awesome animation
good song

RetroSleep responds:

Thanks, Kazumazkan.

Anime drawings, Vocaloid music and decent enough drawing and animation, not the best i've seen, but then again it's about a 100 times better then anything i could ever hope to do. So all in all...fuck it take five stars. Well done.

RetroSleep responds:

I'm really trying to do this half cartoon half anime thing, but I just keep getting tossed into the anime section, I'm just not doing something right.

Thank you for the stars, I really need them to balance out all these 0's, and thanks for the review!