Reviews for "Silent Room Escape"

I find this more intuitive than the average "escape" game, but my one beef is that you don't tell the player that s/he has to zoom in to combine objects. I scored 1928 my first try, but I think that would have been much better if I didn't spend so long figuring out how to combine things.

i beat it! BOOM

good game, but why could not the ghost girl just escape by going through the walls? or did the glowing stones prevent that?

Quite nice, good graphics, my only regret is that nearly every hint is on the same piece of paper... Good game overall, and the ending music is enjoyed after a silent game :)

It was a pretty decent game, had a part or two that I was stuck on (but i'm not that good). Could use music and wasn't really sure what the crystals are for. If you made another that was longer and the crystals had to do with something, I would play it.