Reviews for "K Rool"

Always thought the donkey kong lizards were cool... simians vs. reptilians

Eye is good nice hard work :)

Where is his king kobra kock?

Sony-Shock responds:

GEESUS! There's Klaptraps watching!

Amazing shading. He looks really menacing since he has that gator/snake mixture.

Cool drawing, but I think it's like a breastplate, so it's okay for there to be a belly button. And if you want to go down that road, do reptiles have pectorals, or opposable thumbs?

But yeah definitely like this stylized design. He looks a little more snake like than usual, but it seems to compliment his character.

Sony-Shock responds:

A friend pointed the breastplate point to me too... But belly buttons in armor is still dumb! I refuse! ...

But damn, you still got me with the rest... Oops!

Anyway, thanks a lot for the comment! Funny enough, I referenced actual crocodiles at first, but from there I altered it because I love the snake tusks 'v'c