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Reviews for "Sift Heads Cartels Act 3"

part 3 is awesome

you are not dead, YAY and also good game!

Well,finished Sift Heads Cartels Act 3.Really can't wait for next one ...

- Hardcore Fans Will Alwas Be Hardcore -

HA! that was loads of fun! :D i really enjoyed the fast pace of the game, certainly made everything really exciting. nice touch with the prison, that was interesting. im glad you were still able to get the story developments through in this high speed game. the whole thing was very nicely executed, kudos!

I'm starting to think Sift Heads has gone the way of the dinosaur. You've got a fun game here but the game has definitely lost its roots. As always, the graphics are stylish as hell but the gameplay is starting to get a little rough around the edges. First of all the cursor and camera pissed me off, especially since the quality was locked on high; I experienced a good deal of lag while playing.

More importantly, the gameplay just didn't seem that rewarding. Simple point and click, shoot up a bunch of people, repeat. Most of the difficulty came from figuring out where to go rather than tough shoot-outs, and that's a big problem. Also I noticed I was able to open fire on all of the people in the prison, though they didn't die. Kind of glitchy...

I have to say I prefer the old Sift Heads.