Reviews for "Impressing Your GF: FAIL"

Lmfao dude, great work!

Loved it. It reminded me a lot of Brewstew's work. Still a very nice story. Very funny. great job!

anyway great work! :D

Great story-telling, got me hooked till the end. Nice short story and nice little doodles to help tell the story. Yeah I enjoyed this.

You know, that thumbnail picture for your video... If I imagine that hand drawn chick with red hair, that is totally that fish-chick, Aerial, from Disney. Ehh... slap some blond hair on that chick, draw in some clothes, nobody would notice right? Would that be considered borderline copyright infringement? So long as nobody cares, i'm sure you are in the clear. But cover your bases just in case. I don't even see this Aerial-ish character in your animation anyways... but you still need an interesting thumbnail. I could suggest for more creativity but that's me asking of that from an animator, using a step up from stick drawn animation.

Not that I'm complaining about that at all... You are definitely a decent storyteller and I'd like to hear more tidbits, highlighting interesting moments in your life. I'm sure most people would relate.