Reviews for "Impressing Your GF: FAIL"

i do enjoy your vids. and your voice is perfect. very well done

Ifer can suck a giant mysogynistic cock. How is this racist, btw? Anyway, well done as always. I have a similar story involving a Taco Bell story. We must unite. Thank you for sharing.

Dude, you shall add more nigaz, judes, bibers, japans and germans to make this videos less rasists :-).
And remember that liberasty slaves don't sleep.

It is impressive how many people use words without actually knowing what they mean. For the rest of us who actually know what 'misogyny' means, there is absolutely nothing misogynist about it. Maybe you fed the girl you liked that burger because you hated her or something.

This is an excellent flash with humor that is easy to relate to. I feel compelled to give this a 5 just to balance out the ignorant self-righteous zero-bombers below. Let trolls like cl3401 and lfer crawl back under the rock they crawled out from.

itsalexclark responds:

i love this comment. thanks for watching.

Brilliant! Had such a feel good vibe to it, keep these coming, very impressed