Reviews for "Impressing Your GF: FAIL"

lmao, bet she'll be/was impressed by this video. :P As always, great work, and the fact that it's based on a true story makes it all the better. Keep it going!


I managed to impress a girl right when I solved a 4x4 rubix cube in front of her..... Haven't really seen her since though..... women......

I still love Happy meals :) the current Happy meal theme out right now is Adventure time~ I want Bmo! at least you still got the girl

Well done. A heartfelt story coupled with fun narration, a unique animating style that was relying on the narration really rather heavily, and all the little jokes thrown in throughout the animation that you just totally ignored like you didn't even know they were there came together to make quite an interesting little experience. Loved every second of it. Also, that is really just nasty and you might be a horrible person.

But you still make good videos! I hope to see more of you on Newgrounds!

....But did you get vajayjay?