Reviews for "Impressing Your GF: FAIL"

Love this story! XD But do me a favor and don't give a girl a hamburger like that again. And the cheese could be dangerous, even if u think u got it all off. But this is a great video and you have a wonderful narrarating voice. It's rather soothing. Can't wait to see more!

Great story!

I know you make animations mainly as a background material for them, but I can see you are trying nice lip sync, so I'm gonna stay my hand at talking about your how "half-slide-show"ish other things look and watch you develop even more.

Also, give us a call after she watches that. Call me a coward, but I'd never ever make a movie making me guilty for feeding my gf a poop-looking meal taken from a dirty pavement. And then publishing it so others know she ate it. Seriosuly man.


Awesome animation, good voice acting, funny as hell cartoon.

Very funny story, and the animation matches perfectly! :)

Thanks a lot, you made my day! :) And as always the combination between your story, voice and animation are perfect.