Reviews for "Shieldmaiden 2014 short film teaser"

Fantastic work! I can't wait to see more. Keep it up and stay inspired! The music fit perfectly, the art was killer and well designed. Everything read well, and easily. Which is super important. I personally am excited about this project, rock on.

BlackDragon-555, I noticed you've created NOTHING. I assume you're (that's how it is spelled btw) just jealous. This person or people worked very heart, poured their soul onto the digital canvas, and they deserve more than snide comments from people who've never even attempted what they've already achieved. Don't be mad, don't be bitter. Be inspired. You go create what you're talking about, bring it back and show us all, tell us 'this is what I mean.' Otherwise your words are hollow and meaningless. They serve no other purpose than to hurt. 'meh'.

PiratePudding responds:

I'm glad you like, thank you very much! :)

seems over-hyped imo

yeah flashy graphics and drawing style... very little actual content.

growling people, guy draws a bow, lord slams his fist.... meh.

you call it a trailer, yet there is no trailer here, this isnt even a teaser trailer, its more of a proof of concept.

your a decent artist, but put time into something with a little more substance, then submit. don't just submit something for some cheap quick accolades.

PiratePudding responds:

You are correct, there isn't much content, and this can be called a proof of concept.
Since I'm alone on this project I chose scenes from the movie that I could use, instead of making extra content for a trailer.

There will be a real trailer when the movie is closer to completion.

However, I would still call this a teaser, because I've seen many studio put out "teasers" with a single 4 second glimpse of a character or a scene, and this has a bit more.
Thank you all the same. :)

The art and quality is absolutely nice. But the content of the trailer failed to give us any backstory or reasoning behind what limited events we had the pleasure of viewing. For this the only reason I have to be excited over this is because it looks like it may be produced in great quality. But as it stands I have no reason to feel excited for the story or any other elements.

PiratePudding responds:

Thank you for the compliment!
Regarding the story: A I've stated before, this is only a teaser to introduce the characters, not a full trailer.
I'm doing all the animation by myself, so spending extra time to do a trailer when I could be working on the movie is not really an option at the moment.
There will be a second more extensive trailer coming out once the movie is closer to completion. :)

In the meantime, you can find more information about the story here: http://bit.ly/1avCbpt

Wow. I didn't even read the description really at first. I just watched it and I thought to myself, "Looks inspired by Samurai Jack." You definitely nailed a similar animation style. It looks beautiful.

PiratePudding responds:

Thank you very much! :)

Seems pretty cool, also nice to see that you're taking the time to reply to everyone's comments, also congratz on front page.

So is this going to be a comedy or drama or horror?

PiratePudding responds:

Thank you!

Which basically means it's going to be a bit of all three, haha. :)