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Reviews for "Evil Doll"

It's a good concept, but I think the original ritual works a bit differently. I think this idea would of worked better with like the Midnight Man or something because that actually involves running around a house.
But otherwise, it's a pretty good game

This is undeniably scary although the headphones make sense where she is.

There's an old iPad/iPod game that is almost indentical to this, except it does it 50 times better and is actually playable. This game is impossible to navigate, the controls are never explained, and the scare gets old after the first 3 times. I lost one time because I guess I hid too well. I guess maybe it turned morning? I couldn't tell because nothing changed.

I admit that I was quite confused by this game. I really didn't know how to beat it. I was unaware you even COULD. I guess I'll give you props for making something different. Couldn't I just stay in the same spot the whole time? I wasn't sure when I had the right control.

I do appreciate the artwork. It looked like there was a portrait of Strong Sad In there. Dang, I wish that website would come back. The atmosphere is set up fairly well. I know that game isn't too detailed being made in such a short time.

This game is freaking AWESOME!!! and i crapped my self every time i hid the first time.