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Reviews for "Evil Doll"

Lol I survived XD

Good game, scared the shit out of me when the doll poped up on the screen lol,

I can't navigate if my life depended on it. I had a good laugh though.

The game is good, but a bit hard to understand. I'm having the strangest hard time figuring out how to get into doors in the hallway. Every time I turn to get into one of them I'm faced with a blank wall! XD Or when I'm sometimes trying to get to a certain place, I just can't get there at all and go to all of these other places I didn't really mean to instead. I think the controls are good and simple, but it doesn't seem like the environment adds up to what you do or responds accurately to how you use the controls. I always feel like I'm pressing the wrong things! Super annoying...but fun for a short time if you got patience. >_<

I won just by pressing nothing at all. xD