Reviews for "Weird Island"

This animation is pretty underrated. Both the drawing style and animation were good, and it was really funny, especially the ending. All I would say is to just work on the lip-syncing. Make more of these

SketchHeart responds:

Thank you! Haha for whatever reason I though it would be a good idea to edit the audio after I finished all the lip sync so it might be a little off because of that... or I'm just bad.

Oh, man, I love the animation style so much, and the voices were hilarious. Good job, dude.

Haha what??
This was extremely offbeat but appealing, and I really like the animation style.
I also like the off key acoustic jingle you have for the intro / outro, as it's a very fitting segue for this flash.
The characters voices are very unique, silly, and well done.
But the audio levels seem like they are a little harsh at some of the louder parts and could be smoothed out some more, perhaps with some compression.
Other than that, I definitely think you could be onto something with this cast of characters, because they're pretty entertaining.
Keep up the good work!

Is this a series? If not then it definately could be! The end was pretty unexpected, lmao. :D Great animation, great voice acting, and a rather random set of events, yet not without that red line to guide it. Being stranded on an island's never been as eventful as this. :P Keep it going!


Ahahaha stranded. I went though this cool survival game. You need add dinosaurs next time and pirates.