Reviews for "Time Machine"

another dubstep mishap CAUGHT ON CAMERA from the makers of THE STUFF.

;) keep on truckin bay bay.

oh man, srsly bra, do a short of The Stuff. and if you've never seen that movie... man... go fudgin see it you motherhugger.

MisterHerbal responds:

Gonna check it out, that's a motherhuggin promise. :>

Ah, alien planet... at first I was thinking they'd gone back to an ancient civilization of Earth, that lost era when aliens roamed this place and getting captured like that lmao, justice. Makes me wonder if the mice might've been the original time travelers and not just test subjects hmm, it would be a full circle then. Nice work!


MisterHerbal responds:

Your first thought was the correct one cd. They've gone far back when aliens roamed the earth before leaving it without leaving any trace.

The moment the time machine started to play dubstep i knew, something was going to end badly.
And lo and behold an alien planet!

MisterHerbal responds:

Your calculations where correct my man.


In your last frame the table was pixelized, you didn't find a solution for that problem?

MisterHerbal responds:

Nah it's just that the table of those creatures where really made out of actual pixels. Not really, i just noticed it now. Fuck.