Reviews for "Venusian Vengeance Ep. 2"

Shooting stuff is just fun in this game

Awesome fun ! enjoyed the first one also. This makes a great continuation - the bike riding was great !

I love a lot Episode 2! 10 note.

The bike chase was awesome and difficult. The game captured the classic Nintendo era feel perfectly.

Using the same music for the first two levels was kinda boring. The game was easy to complete as long as you exploited longer ranges.

A solid 4.

This is the first I heard of this game so I went back and tried the first one. The first one is better. The landscape was more interesting. The enemies were more varied. You had some witty writing... but the opening writing to this one is just boring and generic and doesn't establish the same tone or make you want to do anything other than press the space bar to skip it.