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Reviews for "Tesla: War Of Currents"

I loved this game lol. It was fast paced, fun and had upgrades. I think maybe it would be beneficial to add more worlds in, that would mean endless hours of fun with this lol. I was only going to try it for my last vote for the day and I wound up completing it :P.
Addictive, fun, smooth animations and easy to play.
Well done.

i played this on a different site, but i had to comment here. this is just awesomeness! XD such an original concept for a tower defense game. this was just hilarious and fun to play. nice guest appearance from Stalin. kudos, this is a great way to remember poor Nikola :P

I love it! Tesla is a long-time hero of mine, and the way you make the sprites and such could be incredibly cute sometimes. Moar.

The game is great. The only disappointment is Doctor towers. Sometimes they just don't cure nearby units and I have to move them to make them cure.
Anyway, here's your 5 stars.)