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Reviews for "Tesla: War Of Currents"

The glitching wasnt too bad for me, I only got one freeze on the level where you escort the two green towers. You put in a lot of different game modes and I'm gonna bump you a star for that but I really thought the boss was way too easy, I 3 starred him and got two achievements on the first try. You came up with a really awesome concept storywise but it really does just feel like its nothing too special besides it.

Good idea...pretty bland execution.

I loved it .
the story was fun and I loved the different types of mission.
I felt that tunguska tower was bit useless and non of the secret unites were stronger than maxed out sharp shooter but that not a big deal , 5 out of 5

Nice game! No time pressure, so you stay focused on tactical play. I like that.
Impressive music - fits perfectly!

A really good game, Great Job! but what does Tesla have to do with the Soviets?