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Reviews for "Tesla: War Of Currents"

Like the previous Tesla game this was also very fun, it is good that you pulled off going with a different style while keeping to the same overall aesthetic. I personally preferred this one more than the last in gameplay style. Even though it was pretty much impossible to loose once using the full doctor talents and having 2 of them in the team, but alas I didn't care much for difficulty compared to the fun it provided instead.

Story wise, I enjoyed the way you handled it with having Stalin being friends and having Edison giving pretty much stock evil villain lines which for such a small screen time did make him fun.

Worth playing until the end and perhaps replaying one day with it being short also.

Pretty sweet game. I like it!

Very good artstyle and programming here, but literally every single one of the gameplay ideas were ripped off Anomaly Warzone Earth

Nice adaptation of the tower game concept and a good theme though I wish the levels had more of a specific Edison/Tesla theme to them, even something as minor as recovering one of Tesla's inventions with a one or two sentence blurb about it at the beginning or end of each level would serve to give the game a bit more personality. Also, there's no description or help for most of the items in the game which would help flesh it out and feel more polished. Finally, I there really needs to be more levels, or at least the same levels with more enemies after defeating Edison, though that would require more upgrades options or perhaps adding more units to your "convoy" for game balance.

i played this on a different site, but i had to comment here. this is just awesomeness! XD such an original concept for a tower defense game. this was just hilarious and fun to play. nice guest appearance from Stalin. kudos, this is a great way to remember poor Nikola :P