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Reviews for "Tesla: War Of Currents"

Pretty cool, but you might wanna fix the real nasty stuff:

-As you redo missions you cant pause when mission intro blab the same thing over on and on and on... so you die if you unpause before getting through all the spam.

-This game greatly reward pausing, clicking on formation settings, moving you stuff around to equalize damage, while waiting for your repair dude to get to the one thats 1 hit away from death. Kind of same thing for repair circle, its more efficient to use it when more than 1 unit is damaged since its a AoE, yet spreading damage around is a pain.

-Your units hp bar get hidden all the time by such as enemies, either way, you should have on your UI your formation and their health and while paused you should be able to hotswap formations. Not having to go through menus. If your goal by nesting this in a menu was so people wouldnt quick swap all the time, you just made it annoying, since its still allowed.

-The game is ridiculously easy if you take your time, there's no incentive to hurry up.

The star on 70%+ killed instead of most game 100% is a nice +

While I'm pretty bad at this game, I still have to say it's really good. It's mostly because of how well thought out it is. Everything just has the best graphics. I'm glad Nikola Tesla is getting the recognition he deserves! Honestly, I was afraid he wasn't that well known.

Yes, I know my historical figures. It was fun to be able to move things ahead. You would be surprised at how harder these things are. Yep, Edison did indeed torture animals. I'm not even quite sure how to free them in this game.

Just wow, so much more fun than I though it would be. Really good job, WOW!!!

This game was good fun for what it was, something new.
There are a few things I didnt like about it but it gets a good rating from me for the reverse tower defense kind of gameplay, its nice to see something new in the strategy genre.

Its pretty good, graphics and storyline are promising, its rather annoying not being able to upgrade the special units like the alien or the bear though. Also, I don’t know whether its my computer, but I've noticed a rather nasty little glitch where you pause the game, make your squad upgrades, and then when you come back in, its gone full out glitch on me. I cant move around in the screen, when I do, units just disappear, nearly all the units, including the spawn and exploding ones are frozen except for your characters movement around the place. The only way for a player to remedy this is to restart the level, which is incredibly frustrating. You should look into trying to fix it. All in all, its a pretty decent game. (note, the glitch started happening from level 8 and up)