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Reviews for "Tesla: War Of Currents"

gran juego aunque terminando el juego no pude conseguir el segundo secreto, y para ello es necesario tener activo la habilidad de (looter).

BUG: My very first play, on level 2, got almost to the end and the guy and 1 tower died. There was a count down that reached 0 just as the last tower got to the finish, then the game stopped responding. I can toggle pause, the team config menu, camera and other buttons, but can do nothing to either win or lose the level so I can keep playing. I click Pause, click the reset button, that puts a start button at the bottom, but does nothing else to reset the game. I click that and it goes away and nothing else happens. At first I could still scroll around the map, but now I can't even do that.

Rating 3 stars for now because I have to give a rating to submit this. Will reload the page and try again and give a proper review. Looks like a fun game though.

Great game, gets easier later on, but still fun to play :).

Kinda easy but I enjoyed it ^^ Love the soundtrack, it made shooting robots more epic :D

Too easy. You become too powerful for your enemies too quickly. It gets boring, and repetitive.