Reviews for "Idle Farmer"

Pretty fun little game, figured I should clarify stuff. Saw a few people talk about why would you eat the eggs. Well I noticed after I did the lunch, my skills rocketed for a little bit. I don't think the marriage is useless do to the benefits you can get with the wife, and as for people talking about the time it takes for her to do things. It's an idle game, even a little helps in the long run so I've noticed.

Thanks! There is a lot of math behind, as I see. Something exponential maybe.
Really neat and nice drawn. Very much attention to details as in graphics and the logic! (Just a minute ago: when i've got upgraded tomato seeds, the tomato plants that grew back at the farm got dry)
There must be some instructions though. About prosperity, wifes (maybe their initial stats), the merchant.

Best Game ever!I had to add it to my Best Games Playlist!I rate it a 5.It has levels and also xp which is something I like on my playlist.

Junjo responds:

Glad to read that :)

well this is the only idle game that actually works out of tab that i know of so full stars

Very good idle game but some prices like the seeds past 20 will cost you more than your mortal soul can ever be worth to get..... 4,398,046 M for level 20 either on this update or a previous one...