Reviews for "Idle Farmer"

So yea, I got high and started playing this. About 30 hours further I'm still playing.
This game is to adiccting if you like progressing without a real goal but goals would be nice.
Getting a wife takes a bit long and she ain't really usefull once you got her.
Hopefully that changes once I start leveling her.
About lvl 30 i started looking for a hacked version to see how big this game was and damm its huge.
Seed get too expensive to fast.

Really like it and still playing it. This seems like a game that will be running for a few days or week on my desktop

I wish getting marry took so long

Awesome game,
been playing it for roughly two weeks straight.
Cool about the game is, is that it can play on it's own,
so my laptop hasn't been off since i've start playing it haha !

Love this game but after a while my idle function stopped working and now it just starts where I left off with no water on my crops, and I make sure to auto save with my crops full of water before logout, and sometimes when I put the tab in the background it just freezes and resumes when I click back to it. Love the game haven't got a wife yet but I'm excited on what the sequel is going to turn out.

Bloody amazing game, kinda feels like stardew valley / harvest moon but a bit more simple if that makes sense.