Reviews for "Idle Farmer"

I love how simple this game is and its graphics! The graphics bring me back :D! Nice work keep the updates coming please :)

great game but it seems that everytime my page reloads the save never works so 3.5/5.

edit: 2018 now and here i am going back in time. Your tip did help and it's still a solid game so 4.5 my guy if you see this keep up the work. :)

Junjo responds:

It's strange. Try the Online Save feature of version 1.60a.

Love this game. Harvest Moon nowadays for me is getting too complicating, and this game is a simple perfect game. I'd love an iOS version. THAT I'd pay $0.99 for. ;)

Idle Farmer is an idle/active farming game and an upgrade/progress game, and it's very simple to play. Switch between playing actively and just letting it run while doing other stuff, and over time the upgrades and progress get more and more impressive, and the sky's the limit. Even after months have passed, there's still higher player and wife levels to achieve, more upgrades to get, better crop seeds, increasingly insane riches, and faster and faster farming. For pure and simple farming, upgrades and progress, I definitely suggest checking out this game.

I really like this game, but nowthat I got a new computer and can't export my save state, I don't want to start again.... It would take me too long to get there again. Taking my cookies with me didn't help I fear.
Well, after some time it really isn't as addicting anymore as it takes ages to get the new seed. There isn't anything new anymore. Nothing to achieve besides points. But therefor you need to buy upgrades and it gets annoying to click a hundred times or more every time to upgrade a bit. Plus I sometimes had a bug when I clicked too much that allowed me to buy as many upgrades as I liked for the same money and points without having to go to the mayor. Leaving town and going there again didn't help, I hadto restart the game every time.
Still this is one of my fave games on NG :)

Junjo responds:

With version 1.60a, you should use the Online Save feature (press the [Load/Save] button) to share the game between computers.