Reviews for "Idle Farmer"

something about this game just irks me, i dont like it at all.

Harvest Moon meets an idle game, that's what this is. And it's an enjoyable time if you are into these type of games. Having a bonus for being active is nice but you gotta take a break now and then, clicking can be painful on one's finger.

love it :D

Lul, really good game

As good as a professional game
Music 4/5
Gets repetitive but thats what you expect from this type of game.
Gameplay 5/5
Very balanced, there are "quests" that help you along. Theres a bonus for being active too which is great.
Features 5/5
Daily login rewards +
Wife to help you out +
Eggs/Chickens +
Upgrades (Duh)

saw this game a few times around the website,every time i chose to ignore it...except for one day when i said "meh,what the heck"...since then i leave my computer on for like an eternity at a time lol