Reviews for "Idle Farmer"

what exactly is the prerequisite for prompting the mayor to let you summon the merchant? my first time through he let me summon it at prosperity 3, but i've started over a few times to improve my efficiency, and each time the mayor makes me wait longer before letting me get the merchant. this time i'm at prosperity 12 and he still isn't letting me summon it. is it a bug? what am i doing wrong here? other than that, fun little idle-type game here.

Junjo responds:

You just need to unlock the merchant once.
He will come back arround 15 minutes after you complete an order ;)

very fun game, but takes too long

how to cheat on dana with janet?

Looks like Harvest Moon... Which I was a massive fan of when I was growing up, it's such a relaxed game and fun. Back to Nature for Ps1 was my favorite.

Newgrounds, I have been on this site from Secondary (UK- 12 yo) to where I am now (1st year of University -19yo) and never have I felt a game more unfair. I gave this game multiple chances, I let it run over two fullnights (I had star potatoes the first night, and star carrots the second). While the gold doubles (and I had enough levels ' to give me 40% selling bonus). I bought the big 'bricks' house for 6 million, the next level is 64million! It gets stupidly hard to do anything. If you have OCD, dont play this game, it is impossible to finish and, while not hard, is not worth the time spent trying to get rewards.

Decent game, gave me something to do while I was sick all day.