Reviews for "Idle Farmer"

Don't play this game unless you have days to put into it. Its a decent time waster if you like things like Cookie Clicker, something to run in the background and go back to for a click-fest every now and then. Needs more animations, especially the wife who just seems to sit there staring disaprovingly at her husband for the most part. Even leveled up she didn't seem to be of any great benefit. Kind of interesting but nothing to come back to.

One of the best I had ever played! This will always be better than that other entry I tried out today, that trolling "Legend of Tank" ass wipe of a waste of time. This is a great farming game overall! Kudos to you Junjo. :)

I don't see why so many people have problems with how long the game takes. It's an idle game. Open a browser and let it run. If you're not the type of person that leaves their computer running, this won't work for you. I've had it going for days. No need to worry, I just let my farmer work and come back to check on him from time to time. He has a wife and a stone house. He did all of the work. I just told him when to sell.

Nice little game. As others have said, reminds me of Harvest Moon, but less effort. Perfect game for a busy person like me. Speaking of which, back to life...

Have played this for 3 days now. Some tips:

- With wife skills, watering is largely useless (level 25 still only gets you 2.65 seconds of water per minute), selling is good, and collecting eggs is fantastic once levelled up to 10+.

- Go straight for eggs and level up the eggs trader to max with prosperity. Don't bother much with compost or tools, the returns diminish to nothing very rapidly, whereas the egg sell amount doubles every time you prosper, up to a max of 384000 per dozen eggs!

- Pro-tip: Go into town. Reset your skills. Put all points into selling. Go back to your farm (important), then go back into town... *then* you can sell your eggs and sell to the market trader with 100% skill points in sell and get a lot more cash. Doesn't work with crops, but if you're focused on eggs and the market trader, it works perfectly.

- Don't buy seeds past corn, all it will do is give you "upgraded" potatoes (and other veg), which are really hard to farm and kills off easy money from the market trader since it'll take 10 times longer to harvest potatoes which should be easy.

- Play manually and optimally during the 30 minutes where you have the flower bonus active, this is essential, and you can get 30-50 bunches in half an hour, perfect for getting your wife, or adding a level or three to her.

Now it needs erotic cards that you get by marrying the different girls, like in The Witcher.