Reviews for "Idle Farmer"

A really cool and addictive game. That friendzone with the girls is a really tedious task to finish, which is good cause every friendzone is tedious :)

cool Game..but why doesnt the wife do anything. I picked the one who had skills with chicken..but she isnt collecting eggs

Junjo responds:

asuming that you got some chickens, you need to set apart some wheat for feed them (harvest some, and click on its box), so the start to lay eggs (it takes arround 5 minutes each). Then, you can collect the eggs manually or let your wife to do it if she has at leas 1 skill point on the "Col.Eggs" skill, but she do when the skill count-down next to her reach zero.

its a really fun game i'm so addicted to it but how do you get a house?

Junjo responds:

You need to attract a builder by rising the prosperity of the town.
Talk with the mayor to do that, and look for the builder when the blue stars appears.

It's Awesome!

You can go AFK,sit all day,do some exercise,etc.
Not just a farming game either.Never gets boring :D

Somethings need to be change. You should be able to cancel the order because it's very annoying having to make 390 potatoes when you just got the high tier veggies.

Junjo responds:

It's not recomended to accept orders of your highest level veggies, just say "NO" and he will come with another order in 15 min. But if you already accepted it... well, you should keep your word ;)