Reviews for "Idle Farmer"



A mix between a typical idle game and harvest moon.

Positive aspects:
+ Fittig graphics, nice to look at!
+ Animations for your character. Rarely found in other idle games and a great idea.
+ A town with NPCs that you as a player can level up. A much better idea then a simple upgrade screen.
+ The idea that you can get married and get bonuses by doing so.
+ Daily logon reward.
+ Seemed very balanced overall. No skill was overpowered and the progress got lesser the higher a skill got.
+ Good balance between idling and being active.

Negative aspects:
- After I got the final house I had no more reasons to play except fot getting higher numbers.

Ideas for improvement:
This idle game seemed perfect for more interaction with NPCs, visual improvements for your farm and character and probably a bit story. Of course an idle game is not about characters or story however it felt as if a bit more interaction could greatly improve the game.
My main problem was that after I got to the final house there was nothing to do however I did not want to end the game at this point. Put in little quests like harvesting a certain amount of a spezific crop, getting together enough money to help some townfolks or something like this. With some dialogue and rewards this could add a lot to this game!
Some more random ideas would be to add more houses, clothing for your character and visual improvements for the farm. All this could add more long-term gameplay.

Overall a very unique and good idle game!

5/5 and 8/10.

Junjo responds:

Thank you so much for the review, is very useful.
I wonder if you have seen the merchant (is unlocked with prosperity, the blue stars) as he gives you quests for specific crops (that gives you either money or a special reward).

Love the game I keep coming back to it. Though something that increases the amount of produce you get when you harvest would be cool

This game is very good, and has very good graphics. I like the fact that this game is similar to Harvest Moon.