Reviews for "Idle Farmer"

I love this game! It's my favourite idle game. The only criticism I have is that it gets a bit boring after you get married and get all the home upgrades. I used to leave this game on when I was at work, heh. I love the visuals and the music. Make more!

Sadly there is an issue with the saved data :/
But a lot of love invested in this game.
I like ;)

nice i liked this game b4 but lost my data love new save to newgrounds feature well done

Love this game but after a while my idle function stopped working and now it just starts where I left off with no water on my crops, and I make sure to auto save with my crops full of water before logout, and sometimes when I put the tab in the background it just freezes and resumes when I click back to it. Love the game haven't got a wife yet but I'm excited on what the sequel is going to turn out.

Hi, I played this game a few years ago and made some suggestions that i eventually saw implemented (the daily reward was the major one i suggested). But i'm here under a different name because i can't remember the last one i used.

So here I am with another suggestion.

I recommend that once your wife gets to a certain level you can choose to move onto a sort of time skip where you and you wife have kids and your farm has gotten bigger and you're raising cows, horses, ect.

Basically...I can see a lot more potential with this idle game heck save that idea for a sequel or something.

but anyway I feel there's more that can be done with this game and I want to see it eventually burst onto the front page of Newgrounds with bold letters saying "Best Idle game Ever!"