Reviews for "Idle Farmer"

This is very much fun. But for the second time this sign 'NAN' on my money and it makes it impossible to buy anything anymore. And it pisses me off cause I reset it and had to lose all my points

So I've been playing this game for about a week now, and I gotta say it's pretty good. I can just leave it up in the background, I can do something, or nothing, and it doesn't really matter.

My only complaint is that the wife isn't really good for anything. I decided to marry the mayor's daughter, which took way longer than it would have to woo the other two girls in town, but I figured she'd be a bit more powered up because of it. However, I get hardly no benefit from it except a small sales boost. Maybe the other girls' powerup boosts are a little better, but I'm disappointed in that aspect of it.

It's good but half the sides are cut off, can't see some of the wording.

It's a nice game, but there's no reason to keep playing after you get all the farm plots, a wife, some chickens and the best house.

I can just keep it on for a week and gain several millions, I could just eave it at that, why would I invest that in slower, but more rewarding seeds, only to let it run for a week again and keep repeating that process? There is no more goal.

I thought I would hit a maximum somewhere, upgraded all seeds, all tools, all fertiliser, all chickens and best house. The house is easy to get, but then there's no end.

Fun game, interesting first few days, but lacking a further goal after that.

Nice and simple game. I love the idea, even if it is not eco-friendly :)