Reviews for "Idle Farmer"

Needs more animals and farm expansoins

I really, really love this game, but the fact of the matter is it restarted my game and stats. Now I'm back to the beginning, it'd be nice if the save worked. Overall it's a really good game.

This game is asoweme but needs an update
1.Diferent vegetabels
2.Other animals like cows (this mean you need an milk trader), Sheeps ( a fur trader)
3.An updape to merchant (to sell him eggs for example)

There should a secure way to save, I married Janet, offered all the flowers to upgrade egg collecting and watering, went to town to buy chickens and unlock the egg merchant then I refreshed as it started lagging (I see the Firefox process CPU usage stays high) and my profile is gone.

I swear this game is taking my soul from me. Well, it'd be better if there were more features to expand the farm. The game's still great.