Reviews for "GITS"

A+ see me after class ;)

pinoytoons responds:

yes sir ! tnx for giving it 5 stars :D

I really love how smooth and how detailed each animation you post is, however the only thing that really bugs me is you seem to be using the same voice rips over and over. It may be due to budget but I would try and go with character voices ripped straight from the show it would really help your animations along. Also as mentioned below backgrounds would help even more.

Regardless Pinoy I don't want you thinking I'm riffing on you cause I'm not just pointing out some things about your work that could be improved.

any who keep up the great work I hope to see more soon.

pinoytoons responds:

yes . i fully understand . i really need those stuff . on my future projects you will see much better content . your reviews are helpful. tnx for the review

sure its a good animation, but didnt zone do a flash of this with the same character and bg music?

pinoytoons responds:

yeah they did . but comissioner asked for this media . so that mean it does'nt stop there . anyway tnx for the review

awesome, like friend

Nice! In fact this might be the best one you've made so far! Real fluid animation on all parts, and lots of variation too... not to mention it features one of the greatest characters ever! Keep up the great work!