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Reviews for "Sonic break"

pretty good, fun concept and done well.

I like how its sonic but he got stuck bouncing horizontally after a few hits and some powerup or bonuses or whatever fell into the blocked part of the screen.

Would have been a really fun game, but first glitch to report is that Sonic doesn't appear for me, just a black box. Also, due to the size of the screen, you cut it off so some bonuses were actually impossible to collect (the ones on the edges as your paddle doesn't let you that far because it is blocked. Take a look at the animation and you'll see what I mean. Other than that, it is a bit misleading as you said it featured all the levels from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. However, as this is a breakout game, and Sonic was a platformer, it will upset people if this remains in the description. Change that and you actually will have decent, easily 4 to 5 star game. I do like it otherwise.
I love breakout games in general. And to have it branded in this way is fun. Also, the extra challenge of the chaos emeralds was a nice twist. Fun to relive some of the music too, but be careful that you aren't violating copyright.

Codeman160 responds:

What levels are you not getting? Because im pretty sure they're all there.

The game is fun. my only criticism is that you should explain how to get the Chaos Emeralds for each level. I was able to get two of them but it felt random. I also didn't understand the reason for the coins other than it is extra noise when I get them. I did enjoy it and I would play it again. Just didn't feel like everything was thought through.

A really fun game, but there are a few bugs. The music was the biggest issue. I started the game and no music played during the Emerald Hill stage. I figured you just didn't add music, but when I got to Chemical Plant, the music started playing after I collected an extra life. I got to Aquatic Ruin and the music played like normal, but it muted after I struck an enemy. Confused, I restarted the game, but the music, unlike last time, played during Emerald Hill. However, when I struck an enemy, the music glitched, making some odd sounds, then muted.

Also, I like how you included enemies from the Sonic games into this, but one issue is that when powerups fall from blocks that hover over the platforms the ground enemies are on, I can't collect them. Lastly, maybe making the blocks you break something other than blue bricks would add some flavor to the game? Either way, it seems to be alright in every other regard aside from what I mentioned. Good job.

Codeman160 responds:

I think these glitches only happen with the html version. The exe export works fine for me.