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Reviews for "DayZ: "Elektro Disco""

I think you should bring up a siciopath into the story. On every Dayz server there is a Sociopath who doesnt wants to kill you but just wants you to do his sick little games...

WooleyWorld responds:

Ive seen some shit, man

It seems with every new video you release, you get a little more facial hair. (Or body hair, depending on the video)

Anyway, this was jam-packed with laughs, and interesting characters. Really great, and I sense a terrific series coming on here, SO DON'T MESS IT UP.

(PS It's always been my dream to cameo in an animated series about zombies wink wink nudge nudge)

WooleyWorld responds:

Wait til Sex Hair II. OH THE HAIRRRR.
We're definitely taking our time and making sure each episode is packed tight to be the best it can be.
Aye Cu.... you should give me an OC and I'll stick it in there for you....
PM me, old boy. Glad you liked it.

WooleyWorld is a god

WooleyWorld responds:

I wouldn't sayyy Gooooddd... but thanks.

your obviously ALOT better than me at this. the mouths your draw are often wide. not that theres a problem with that.

WooleyWorld responds:

Well you're just getting out so you've got plenty of time to get up to speed. No worries.

This made me laugh xD bit dull at first, but it grew into it and the animation is fun (especially the visual gags and facial animations and that rolling! It cracked me up!). The voice actors were quite good as well and they worked well with the expressions of their characters.

Good humor, but my biggest compliments on the audio and especially music editing (especially for when the rocket returns, just perfect)! And the music itself of course. Best random gag: the reloading of the pan.

Can't wait to see more!

WooleyWorld responds:

Yeahhh I was afraid people would be thrown off by the slow start, but I had to set the mood. >_>
Aloooot of people like that pan gag... It wasn't originally in the the script, I added it at the last minute. Haha. Episode 2 is a lot better in my opinion, I started on it a few days ago and it's really rocking along. The music and sound in it is superior.