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Reviews for "Not another Pokémon batt"

This is an interesting twist on the immensely overdone 'Pokemon cartoon' fad, specifically the ones that just revolve around the battle aspect. Unfortunately though you included the punchline in the description, which is the equivalent of 'The Usual Suspects' including its twist on the front of the box. It might be wise to alter the description a bit, because I knew what was coming as soon as I clicked play.

The cartoon was about as long as it needed to be - thankfully you didn't have the protagonist go on a long rant or anything like that. The fart was unnecessary, in fact even having Ash 'play along' kind of worked against this. maybe build his opponent up more, have him show off his collection, and then Ash is simply like "I don't play Pokemon, dude." Animation itself was funny, but I wish the credits had been accompanied by a sequence that mirrored the original opening to the anime, just with Ash doing really mundane things because he 'doesn't have the time to play'.

I choose you Ricepirate!

ahhh damn... that was so goood... -_-.. Great job RicePirate.

Can I please get an infinite loop of the butt blasting just to answer every question every about or concenring pokemon? Thanks.

AAAAAAAAAAARH YEEEH! wanna be the very best -