Reviews for "Dead Paradise 3"

Good game. I had a good time, until I had to stop because level 6 doesn't load.Nice how the tanks change their looks with each upgrade. I wish I could continue this game. Fun while it lasted.

Smokoko responds:

Hey, thanks for your feedback. Please try to refresh your browser page. Hope this help you

I enjoyed the game, but not as much as the first and the second.
The Corsair is a pretty awesome car, but there should probably be more, and there was no real improvement over the other (with the exception of the convoy, which i personally didnt like)
Dont know if its just me but all of the series i had some performance issues, especially the 2 and 3.

But still a pretty good job, with almost no bugs. Hope the next will be better.

Ha ha this game rocks, just love the upgrade system and as kickery. Hope to see another one come out.

Was fun, but some comments:

-Convey was stuck twice, once under falling bridge and another on top of hill (both wheels off ground), thus had to restart
-A bit straight forward, got all stars without much effort
-don't think will replay just to get the longer achievement after finishing the game. Not enough enemy for the burn achievement, and definitely not enough rockets for rocket kills.

Really great game

This was "FLASHY" and some nice greaphics and effects lots of medals to achieve and the game runs well, the controls are very well done but seemed clunky at the same time, you have some good ideas and a fantastic concept here for this game I do wish the controls were a tad bit smoother there.

Controls could be smoother.