Reviews for "Dead Paradise 3"

I really liked it! :D

gammaalpha is right except that i have an extra half star.

If there is one thing I will not do, is give a game a bad rating because it's not my particular cup of tea, because that would not be fair to you after all of your hard work you put in to the game. I'll give credit where it's due and I will say that this game is pretty good. The graphics are rather nice, the gameplay is smooth, there's a lot of carnage and a lot of excitement that this game has. The upgrade system is rather neat. It allows you to see what the upgrades will look like when you have enough money to GET the upgrades and when you've purchased the upgrades needed to get them as well. One thing to note, there is some lag when you get to the upgrade screen, but it's nothing to really complain a lot about. And a quick tip, STAY WITH THE CONVOY. If the convoy goes too far off screen either ahead or behind you, it will automatically blow up and you will fail the mission. I figured this out by stupidly trying to go BACK to the near beginning of the level at the END of the level and *KABOOM!* "Oh no!" and I'm sitting there saying, "Aw crap. Dx" If you missed any enemies, just replay the level and don't make my stupid mistake. Now, that's no reason to hate on the game, but as stupid as it may seem to some, it's still just a MINOR detail.

All in all, I DO like the game, but as stated before, it's not my particular cup of tea. But! For those of you who like driving, shooting, escort/defense games, then this game is right up your alley.

Great work!

the game, in spite of itself, left me with a really generic taste. feels like Earn To Die Without Zombies. I really dug the fancy preloader, and the music was pretty on-key. all graphics rocked, but overall the gameplay just wasn't here for me.

este juego me gusto muchisimo "