Reviews for "Dead Paradise 3"

Good game!

The only thing that could make this game better would be if you could upgrade the car you're escorting so they don't die so easily. Other than that, I love it. 4.5 stars, just because the car I escorted kept dying from guys in one direction while I fought enemies in the other direction

It doesn't help to change the settings for the turret to Q and W. Z and X are still active after changing it. Guess this has to do with WASD (W accelerates). It is really annoying to play like that, in case you have a QWERTZ keyboard. Still, the game is pretty nice and I like it very much. 4* (cause of the not working Q/W setting).

Very Nice Game with Mega Cool Punzer - innovative - Really!!! Thx for Developers!!!

One giant escort mission and the damn ambulance gets stuck...